At JAAN Services, we are committed to providing an excellent service to the people who use our services, the organisations that work with us on behalf of their customers and all stakeholders.Our Quality assurance is achieved through our operational functions, the effective delivery of care and support and our internal management systems.We have an inclusive approach in shaping what we do through the involvement of staff at all levels within the organisation.We provide evidence-based and continually improving services promoting individualised outcomes and value for money.

  • Ensuring a person centred approach to the care and support for each individual
  •    Enabling the people we support to set Customer Standards and involving them in the auditing process.
  •   Internal Quality Monitoring Visits and themed audits for each service, involving the people we support, identifying recommendations and requirements to ensure the improvement and development of the service, as well as identifying commendations for good practice and achievements.
  • Obtaining feedback from others who are involved with our services, such as healthcare professionals and relatives.
  •   Policies, procedures and guidelines, which detail how these agreed levels of service are to be achieved.
  •  Auditing of our systems to ensure that our high quality standards are maintained and to highlight areas for improvement.