Supported Living

Supported Living Service for people with learning disabilities

We support people with learning disabilities and autism to live the life they choose, gain increased independence and achieve their goals and ambitions.

We are experts in working with individuals with a learning disability to empower them to be heard and be supported in the way they like. We listen to what people and their families say to us.

We successfully support people with even the most complex and challenging needs to be part of their local  community through empowering them to have greater choice and control to live an ordinary life.

We can support you in your current home or can help you to find you a house that meets your needs and expectations.

The support we provide is based on the specific needs, choices and ambitions of the individual based on person-centred approaches. We promote choice and inclusion by listening to the people we support, their families to shape a bespoke service..

We provide highly personalised support hence each individual’s support provision is being based on their views, needs and preferences. Individuals may require support to attend a college course or find a job and our job is to support the individual’s wishes.

We believe that the key to an effective service is involving the individual we support and their families and circle of support in the creation and reviewing of the support plan.

We support individuals to be supported by the right staff that are suitably matched with them. We do this by using staff matching tools and one page profiles to identify characteristics, attributes and the right skills that the ideal support worker will need to have to be able to support the individual. We encourage and support individuals we support and their families to fully or as much as they like to participate in the recruitment and selection of staff.

We believe that each individual we support has a right to access opportunities to develop relationships, learn new things and enjoy the activities they wish to do. Living an active and inclusive lifestyle helps individuals to become part of the local community.

We have expertise in supporting people out of assessment, treatment units and other institutions, into supported living services working in partnership with circles of support and other relevant professionals.

Supporting people with complex physical and health needs or mental health needs.

Individuals we support may have additional physical or health needs such as limited mobility, epilepsy, dysphagia or secondary mental health conditions.

We work with other professionals to access the additional help and support you may require. Individuals we support are always at the centre of what we do and we empower them to take the lead in issues relating to their support.

Our person centred approach to supporting individuals makes us expert at supporting people with complex needs such as meeting individual’s’ needs enables them to have a good life. We believe that much challenging behaviour occurs because a person is not in good health or is not being listened to and the challenging behaviours are commonly their way of communicating an unmet need.

We work hard to ensure the people we support are registered with their GP and access the National Health Services as necessary. Each individual we support has Personal Support Plans including Health Action Plans, and schedules for regular, comprehensive GP-led health checks and routine medical appointments.

We advocate for the reduction in the use of psychotropic medication amongst people with learning disabilities and we support the NHS ‘STOMP’ programme, click here for more information

Meeting individual’s’ needs means that there are more opportunities for the individual and to be more ambitious, develop relationships, access the community, seek work and lead an ordinary life without limitations.




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